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ADT's monitoring has a proven track record for more than a century of helping families, homes, and businesses stay safe and secure. ADT uses some of the most advanced technology to monitor your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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If you’ve ever had your phone stolen, you know the feeling of violation that comes with it. You don’t just lose your way of calling people, looking up directions on the go and sending text messages; you lose a little device that essentially holds the key to your entire life story—past, present and future. The very thing that makes smart phones so helpful (their ability to link up to pretty much every aspect of our lives) is the same thing that makes them so vulnerable. Don't hand out your personal information so easily! Although it's natural to link our phone to almost every aspect of our lives, you're also giving thieves an easy way to hack you, your accounts and your personal information if your phone is ever lost or stolen. Start by deleting the following information right away - these items are not the most important things held on your device, but could give strangers a dangerous look into your personal doings. Your itinerary You likely have your primary email set up in your phone. Each time you receive… Read more

Considering the many severe storms that have happened around the world recently, one can no longer presume they’re safe from a natural disaster. If you have a home automated system, then it likely comes with a severe weather warning system. That’s a very good thing to have, but it only tells you something has to be done, not what has to be done. Feel at a loss? Luckily, there are some tips you can take into consideration to prepare for even the worst types of weather. Strengthen your doors Unless you have all steel doors around your home, you’ll need to fortify your entrances. Add hurricane panels to your doors. Take extra steps to secure double-panel doors, since the slit between the two panels is especially vulnerable. You may want to bolt the doors to the frame. You’ll need to leave one door—ideally a smaller one—uncovered in case you need to escape your home during the storm. Your garage door will also need to be strengthened. Use what you can to weigh down your garage doors. Your home improvement store… Read more

When a heat wave hits, you’re desperate. You’re willing to do anything to cool off, including pay an enormous price for air conditioners, which has (unsurprisingly) tripled since the temperatures began rising. It doesn’t help that heat causes mental exhaustion, which means you become a bit forgetful and unperceptive. These factors and more could mean you’re met with a huge electricity bill at the end of the summer. Don't let it happen to you! Here are energy wasting mistakes you should avoid making all year long, but especially during a heat wave. 1. Failing to use a fan Ceiling and standing fans are not just wannabe air conditioning units. Fans are not meant to be placeholders until you can afford an air conditioning unit and ignore them. Fans are meant to be used with your air conditioning unit. Remember that, while fans do not create colder air, they do push the air in the room around. So if your air conditioner is creating cold air, your fans are working to circulate it around your home. Turning on a couple of fans could… Read more

You likely do what you think is the safest for your car. If you have to park on the street, you might make sure to park under a streetlight or in front of a business so people can see your car. Maybe you cover your expensive car with tarp each night, or keep it shut in a garage so no one can see how much you spent on your rims. But what you think about car safety may not actually be correct. We've got some car theft statistics that'll surprise you, so sit down, buckle up and get ready for the ride. The Most Stolen Car While you might expect expensive or showy cars to top the list of most stolen cars, the top stolen vehicle is neither: it’s the 1997 Honda Accord. That's right, out of the over 50,000 Honda Accords stolen each year, the 1997 models see the most theft. Another Honda model comes in at number two as well: the 1998 Honda Civic. As a matter of fact, none of the top 10 stolen cars are luxury vehicles or… Read more

No matter where you live, you can't guarantee your kids won't sneak off or open the door when they’re not supposed to. But when your children have lived in a neighborhood for a long time, you typically know they can find their way home and are familiar with which areas are safe and which aren’t. When you move your family to a new neighborhood, though, you have to worry about setting up cable, bringing all your furniture over and decorating and getting your kids comfortable with their new surroundings. It can be a bit overwhelming to take on so much so fast. But don't worry - we're here to make at least one part of the big move a little easier! With these few tips, you'll be well on your way to helping your child to stay safe in their new environment. Show them where the police station is. Make sure your children know where the nearest police and/or fire station are. In case of an emergency that cuts the power or takes down the phone lines, your children won’t be able… Read more